Weight Loss Q&A

Below are some of the topics that Hannah has talked about in her epic weight loss Q&A series. Sit down, grab a bowl of potatoes and binge watch all these videos to hear how she lost over 55lbs by following a plant-based diet.

  • Can salt make you fat?
  • How many calories should I eat?
  • Will potatoes and rice make me fat?
  • What’s the worst food for weight loss?
  • How can I get leaner faster?
  • Can I eat pasta and lose weight?
  • What’s the best exercise for weight loss?
  • How can I overcome binge eating?
  • Does intermittent fasting work for weight loss?

Have any questions? Leave them in the comment section below.

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    1. Hi Hannah and Derek,
      I have been trying to lose weight and get toned. I want to tone my legs, but it hasn’t been working out. How do you tone your thighs to get a thigh gap? Thank you in advance!

      1. Assuming you’re on the slim side then you could try wide sumo squats or inner thigh raises to tone the area. Bear in mind though that not everyone is built to have a thigh gap. Toning will only tighten so much and you don’t want to be too skinny. If you’re comfortable and healthy, who needs it anyway! xx

    2. Dear Hannah and Derek,
      I have been trying to lose weight in my thighs but I do not know how. How can I get a thigh gap? Thank you!

    3. Dear Hannah and Derek,
      I have been trying to lose weight in my thighs but I do not know how. How can I get a thigh gap? Thank you!

    4. Hey Hannah and Derek,
      I have a bunch of stretch marks on my thighs. Is there any way to get rid of them permanently and make my thighs smaller?? I have thunder thighs and I want to tone them and fit a size 3. Right now, I am a size 7 and I need to get in shape for a wedding in about 6 months. What should I do? I have been trying to lose weight by eating less but I lose control and binge eat. How should I keep my motivation? Should I keep count of my calories? What should I do to tone my whole body to get rid of all the fat on my thighs and on my stomach? I have been trying to run but I do not know how much I should run every day and I do not know what exercises I should do to lose 30 pounds. What should I do?? I am currently 130 pounds and I am 5’5″ but I want to be 100 pounds. Thank you in advance!

      1. Maria,
        I know this is a year late, but if you weigh 130 lbs and are 5’5″ you are in no way overweight –please do not strive for 100 lbs, that’s a number, not a goal. Your goal should be to love your body and not focus on what you perceive as “flaws.” If you fit in a size 7, you absolutely do NOT have thunder thighs. If you’re unhappy about your shape it’s okay to try and tone and re-shape your body bia strengthening and elongating your muscles, but that’s different than weakening your body by eliminating your muscle mass. If you were to reach 100 lbs, it would be at the expense of your muscles, not your fat, and you’d still be unhappy. Stay healthy. Rethink your ideal. Love yourself. Be happy. And stretchmarks are non-reversible, but they do fade over time…not with size.

  1. Hi Hannah and Derek,
    I don’t know where I have been but I have just discovered The Starch Solution which lead me to you. What a Revelation. From about 25 to 60 years old I swore by the Atkins Diet until the last few year…it stopped working for me. Watching your videos for days, absorbing everything you have to say, I am sold! Especially because potatoes have always been my favorite food of all time along with a Caesar Salad. I started following your instructions yesterday and look forward to every day!!
    Thank you so much.
    Are you from London, Ontario? I was from Aylmer, moved to Toronto for 30 years and now live in Tillsonburg with family for the last 3 years.
    My question is: I enjoy a few glasses of white Wine on the weekends. How much would that effect the results on your system.
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Patsy, I am in total agreement. I used to swear by Atkins, but found it impossible to stick to. I am 59 yrs old, btw. I am on day 2, and so far so good……also 2 lbs lighter on the scale.

    2. Hello Patsy ❤️

      Yes, definitely it works . Ive been eating potatoes and pastas and beans like crazy and Ive lost 16 lbs in a month. And I am loving it. Go,go, high carb, low fat, vegan life style❤️

    1. Hi, so I know I’m not Hanna bit if you don’t mind… The reason Hanna and Derek suggest to have *less* smoothies is because humans aren’t naturally supposed to drink their calories and so when they do their body digests it different and we don’t get full from it as we would sitting down and eating the things we just blended up. Secondly, they say that it’s important to not add extra sugar (like freely does) to your shakes, and lastly, if you do want a smoothie (which is totes cool) instead of blending everything you should instead blend the veggies and greens in your smoothie (they’re low in carb and calories) and half of your fruit, the other half you an cut up and put in a bowl along with your smoothie (very popular on Instagram may I had) and so you still have that natural chewing method (chunky smoothies) good luck!

    2. smoothies can make it easier to eat a larger number of calories, just make a smoothie the size that you’d normally eat, don’t try to force bigger smoothies down 🙂

      1. My smoothies have the same amount of fruit I would eat in one sitting anyways so I’m not eating more calories. They are especially great when I need something quick and on the go. Or for people like my dad who doesn’t eat enough in a day. Smoothies rule when made with fruit and veggies and no added sugar.

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  3. Just watched the set of videos. I am a Dr. McDougall follower and I learned something on each one of your videos. Great information. Just received my cheat sheets and looking forward to following you. I will turn in again. Thank you for all of your efforts.

  4. I don’t get it…every time I try to watch one of your videos, it says the video is restricted and that it must be approved for me to view it.

      1. Some foods I’ve found, containing significant protein…

        -Soy. Soybeans are the No. 1 source of vegetable protein, and are a complete protein, meaning they contain all of the essential amino acids.
        -Beans. Beans pack a punch of protein.
        -Broccoli. Broccoli contains an abundant amount of protein.

  5. Hi guys! I do have a question – if you are not counting calories, why do you use Cronometer? Is it just to keep track of the macronutrients? I started an account myself just to track the percentage of my macros, but I keep looking at the calories….my goal is to lose weight, so I keep worrying that I might eat too many calories instead of just eating when I’m hungry.

    1. we use cronometer rarely just to calculate how many calories might be in a certain food but we don’t use it day to day, Hannah uses it on her youtube channel to show her viewers how much she eats 🙂

  6. Love the videos. Really helps and I’ve learned something from each one. My question is do you have a meal plan/or sample that I can jump start my weight lost journey?

      1. Where would I find the first meal plan? I’m new at this and feeling ver overwhelmed. Would like to follow a plan to help me be on the right track. Thank you

  7. Wow, thank you SOOOOO much Hannah and Derek for these wonderful videos! I read the China Study and The Campbell Plan a couple months ago, which began my journey toward a healthier lifestyle. Although i’m quite solid now in my understanding of the science behind the WFPB diet, i struggle to follow it due to my eating disorder history. I developed anorexia at 17, but after a “forced” recovery i’ve since struggled with bingeing and bulimic tendencies, and now at 21 i’m overweight. These videos, and your Cheat Sheet, have been so helpful and inspirational for me! They fill the “emotional” component of the WFPB lifestyle that i was missing amidst all the science.

    I am proud to say that today, for the first time in as long as i can remember, i ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner (intuitively adding a snack too!), all with absolutely no binging, purging, or any of that crap! I’m so excited to have found you guys to provide inspiration and support in my journey – THANK YOU!!!!!!

  8. Hello!
    I am a recent addition to the vegan/minimalist movement that you guys are so wonderfully promoting! I am vegan due to the corrupt and cruel treatment of animals in our country’s meat and by-product industry, however I do consume eggs when coming from a free range and humane source (one of my co-worker’s farms), along with the occasional salmon fillet caught by my fiancé in Alaska. I know with good time I will probably ween myself off all animal products such as these two acceptions, but I was interested in your thoughts on the matter. Are you completely against the thought of any animal product consumed, regardless of the source it is coming from?

    Thank you s much for you time and leading by example in the wonderful lives you live!

    1. hey Kay, yes we are totally against the consumption of any animal products no matter where it comes from, we find that it’s just not necessary at all for living a healthy life 🙂

  9. Hi Hannah and Derek,
    I just found you on youtube a month or so ago. I have watched with enthusiasm with the hopes of losing a few pounds. I am now on day 5 of the starch solution and enjoyed it very much. Expecially all the IP reciepes. I am a diabetic and was very hopefull this will help to lessen the use of medications. Please help or incourage me to stay on this type of eating, but I am very worried about my glucose readings. Yesterday it was in the 400’s. That had never happened before. What do you suggest I do? Dr McDougles website tells me to stay on the eating plan for a few weeks. I am very afraid!!!!! Any suggestions????????

      1. Thanks Hannah, looking forward to this video. I too have the same concern but I’ve been a vegetarian all my life and transition to vegan foods will be a minor shift but am concerned that high carbs might mess up my glucose levels.

  10. Ok so I know it took you 11 months to lose over 50 pounds, but do you know how long it will take to lose 30 pounds? I want to lose a lot of wait in like three months. Is that possible with more exercise? How much weight did you lose in three months?

    1. In Hannah’s videos she says she lost a lot of her weight in the beginning and it slowly evened out over the year. So if you follow it to what suits you it should do the same thing. I’m excited to be starting I’m on day two of her potato cleanse. I love spuds. There is a lot of success in the group on FB. You want to eat to your energy level. Like if you’re more active you want to eat a bit more to keep you energized but you don’t need to be super active for the weight loss to happen. You will see the difference.. It takes for weeks for you to fully notice the changes in your body.

  11. Hi! I recently stumbled across your videos on YouTube, and I’m very curious! It seems like there are tons of videos. Which one should I start on to catch myself up?

    I’ve been tempted to try a high-carb plant based diet before but I’m nervous about completely getting rid of certain foods like eggs or chicken breasts (since I like to lift weights). Is there a way to slowly transition into a vegan or vegetarian diet, or should I just go cold turkey?

    Also, how do you not get bored with eating veggies and fruits all the time?

  12. Hannah,
    I have become aware that the one vitamin that a raw plant based diet does not provide is B-12. I was wondering what your view on a solution for this was.Thanks for your videos. I think that you look beautiful!

    1. Nutritional yeast has that BUT :
      Brewer’s and nutritional yeasts do not contain B12 unless they are fortified with it. There is at least one vegan, B12-fortified yeast currently on the market: Red Star Vegetarian Support Formula. (Twinlab’s SuperRich Yeast Plus contains whey)

  13. Hello,
    I am so depressed about my weight!! I did a lot of diets and every time and the end I gained more pounds!
    I identify a lot of with you! I’m 5’6″ and 176 pounds!! I’m 39 years old!
    Please help me!! I will really appreciate it!! Thanks

  14. My question is, the Starch Solution Diet wants you to consume your calories or intake from items with high starch low fat, it is a vegan specific diet but I’m just starting out should I stay away from typical “vegan foods” such as black bean burgers, whole wheat tortillas, tofu, etc. Just focus on potatoes and veggies for now? I’ve read and watched all videos but I think I’m starting to get sidetracked from the Starch Solution Diet and focusing on the vegan aspect! Thanks a bunch:)

  15. Thank you so much for making these videos and sharing your story. I have a similar story to yours; when I started eating HCLF avoided salt and tried to eat as little fat as possible while also over eating because I was trying to meet a calorie goal of 2500. I gained 20 pounds and I was feeling so insecure and confused and I felt stuck. Now, a year later, I still have 30 pounds I’d like to lose but with your tips I feel like it is actually attainable. I’ve been following your recommendations for about a week now and I already feel so much better! I love not being afraid of fats and I’m teaching myself how to intuitively eat (which is a big thing for me because I’m prone to overeating).

    Just wanted to say thank you!

  16. Hi! I’ve only recently been researching this lifestyle and love your videos! I’m a mom of 2 ages 5 and 6, eat pretty healthy try to get veggies and fruit in my kids belly as I can but they love cereal in the morning. What’s a good breakfast fun food we can incorporate in the morning? I can’t wait to truly be vegan I’m not a meat person only eat it for protein but I know their is alternatives and watching these vids it’s inspiring?

    1. Hi Lisa…..a combination of flax, chia, and oat bran cooked with hot water makes a delicious porridge…….you can add cinnamon and fruit if you like. I use the ground flax seeds.

  17. Hi!
    I’ve been struggling with my weight for a while and became vegan 6 months ago! I have lost some weight but am now fluctuating quite a bit. I’m trying to keep my fats low but just wondered are oats ok to eat because I’ve heard they’re high in fat?
    You guys are amazing and so inspirational to watch

  18. Hi Hannah and Derek,
    I started watching your videos about 6 months ago, and just signed up for your email list. My boyfriend and I have been struggling with going vegan and heating healthy whole foods, and dealing with social situations. I am convinced that it is the healthiest way to live, and it really just makes the most sense. I have been vegetarian for ten years, and my boyfriend just recently gave up meat and soda! We are cooking at home now for all our meals, and cutting out dairy is the next step. Your recipes help a lot with that.

    But my main reason for writing is because my boyfriend was recently diagnosed with osteonecrosis. He is only 31 years old and it really scares me. Hearing that he might need a hip replacement is terrifying. He is too young! What do you guys suggest? Have you ever heard of a vegan diet helping with this? I don’t know if there is anyway for the bone in his hip to start rebuilding itself, but I want it to, of course. I have read that turmeric and garlic help with blood flow, and maybe if he starts getting the blood flowing better in his body, to his hip, it will naturally start getting better?

    It is just hard when the doctors only suggest eating more dairy(advise we are not taking) and just waiting around for the day when he needs his hip replaced.

    Thank you so much for listening. Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated.

    1. I’m sorry that he has that diagnosis especially at such a young age.

      Just from reading about it quickly, it is a form of arthritis with the joints that cuts off blood flow?

      I think a 100% low-fat plant-based diet would be his best bet.

      Animal based products negatively effect blood flow significantly. People reverse heart disease on a plant-based diet and lower blood pressure.

      If you want to be proactive with it, I highly recommend that he tries it out. Lots of greens that are rich in calcium and minerals for sure. Dr Fuhrman may be the best approach because he promotes a nutrient-rich diet.

      Let me know your thoughts and concerns,

      Derek & Hannah



      1. Thank you so much for the quick response. Means more than I can say!

        Yeah, from MRI’s he has a part of his hip bone which no longer has blood flowing to it and has ‘died.’

        I just read Dr Fuhrman’s article you sent. It makes so much sense. It is time to make the changes. We are going to start planning out meals together, and start following the diet 100% We definitely want to be proactive about it. There is nothing to lose!

        In life, it often takes something big to get us to finally get up off our arses and start doing something real to fix the problem.

        Kale and collards here we come. We are happy to have the support of you guys and this community. Even if our families think we are nuts, haha.

    2. ….I agree with Derek about Doctor Fuhrman…..but also would like to Add Dr. Ronald Hoffman as he broke a hip in a biking accident , and has an entire protocol for rebuilding bone and strength. He was in his 50’s when he had the accident and discussed his progress regularly on his radio program. He is an alternative physician in NYC. Good Luck. As a side note, I also have hip issues and have started taking Wobenzym enzymes and have found them helpful!
      Best to you!

  19. Hi Hannah and Derek,

    I just found you yesterday and signed up for you site. I am 185 lbs 5’6 1/2 and have done every diet known to man (or woman) healthy or non healthy. I’d been ding Atkins and the HCG and failed miserably at both. I remember that the only diet (lifestyle) that I was ever successful with, was similar to vegan, it was the Marilu Henner lifestyle. This was many years and pounds ago. Although I’m going to read and watch the “gifts” that were sent to my gmail, I’m wanting to start immediately. I’ve read that consuming nothing but fruit (low glycemic) and apple cider vinegar for breakfast until 12 is beneficial. Will this help to burn fat as I begin this lifestyle change?

  20. I just purchased The Starch Solution. I want take healthier choices and live a more healthy lifestyle, however it is a bit overwhelming. So I guess I have two questions. 1. What is the easiest way to start this journey? 2. How did Hannah quit smoking, was it cold turkey or were there baby steps along the way? Thank you

  21. I found you guys on a FB vegan instant pot group, and I’m so glad I did! Your recipes are so easy and delicious, and I feel more confident that the weight will come off by following this way of eating. Thank you so much for posting all of your videos and info! I can’t wait to finally achieve my best healthy weight! Sincerely, Kelly

  22. Hi Hannah and Derek,

    I was wondering if you could help? I was inspired by Hannah’s review of the potato cleanse diet and decided to try it. I’ve been doing the potato cleanse diet for the last 3 weeks and I have not lost any weight – not even half a pound. I am 5 foot 6 and currently weigh 156 pounds. I do not come from a past of restrictive eating or yoyo diets. I discovered raw till 4 through Harley and Freelee in June 2013 and although I initially lost 2 stones (then I weighed over 13 stones) I have not been able to lose any weight since. I exercise on average 3 hours a week spread over 3 days – mostly fitness blender or bodyrocktv type of video led exercises so nothing excessive. I don’t smoke or drink and eat low fat and low sodium. A typical day of eating on the potato cleanse looks something like this:

    – Breakfast: 6 steamed white potatoes and half a head of broccoli steamed with garlic and onion powder and cracked black pepper + 2 tablespoons of sauerkraut

    – Lunch: 6 steamed white potatoes and approx 70-90g of spinach steamed again with garlic and onion powder and cracked black pepper + 2 tablespoons of sauerkraut

    – Supper: 4-6 steamed white potatoes (depending how hungry I am) with 125g of steamed asparagus or head of steamed oak Choi with the garlic and onion powder and cracked black pepper and 2 tablespoons of sauerkraut.

    The brand of garlic, onion powder and cracked black pepper I use have no added salt. I don’t add extra salt to my diet – only eat what’s in the sauerkraut already which I understand is 1.9g per 100g of the sauerkraut. I rotate my veggies and so also have Brussel sprouts, green beans, cucumber, kale, sugar snap peas, cauliflower etc with each meal of potatoes. I will sometimes have a mango on the weekends and a serving of nana ice cream once week but other than that I don’t eat any other fruits or any other foods. Prior to being on this potato cleanse for 3 weeks I tried the rice diet and was eating rice for every meal for over 2 weeks and again lost 0 pounds. No restricting during that period and practised intuitive eating although I did eat a beans with the rice for lunch and supper which I don’t eat now.

    I guess my questions is, is it normal for me to not be losing any weight at all on the raw till 4, rice diet and now currently the potato diet ?

    I have found being vegan very challenging from a weight stand point. Every vegan blogger I watch is losing weight and I feel like a failure. I just don’t know what it is that I am doing wrong…please help.


    1. Hi Mary! It can be that your body has just hit a place where it is happy for now. Sometimes when we have lost a bit of weight (and it seems like you have – 2 stone is amazing good job!) our bodies need some time to re-adjust. You are at a healthy weight right now and I know that you probably have a goal that you want to get to and that can be frustrating but one of the biggest things in weight loss is learning to just RELAX and let your body do what it does.

      Stop focusing so much on weight loss – because focusing on that can actually prevent it from happening. This is usually from the stress of not being happy with where you are (when you’ve come so far already!).
      My advice is to eat a low fat vegan diet, with a variety of foods that you enjoy and portions that keep you satisfied. Try and get 30 minutes of exercise a day, even if it is just going out for a walk. RELAX and stop thinking about food so much and trying to control it and stop weighing yourself all the time. Start charting your progress month by month and do a weigh in ONCE A MONTH.

      The biggest thing is just be happy with WHERE YOU ARE NOW and you will get to where you want to go. Its usually the frustration and non complacency with where we are in the moment that causes stress and keeps us stuck there so just let it go, eat healthy, get outside everyday and be happy with your body in the moment and it will all happen for you. I hope that helps 🙂

      1. Hi Hannah,

        Thanks for your reply and words of encouragement. You’re right of course I have been quite stressed about not losing weight. Mainly because none of my clothes fit me. I was skinny all of my life effortlessly and then stopped smoking in 2011 and bam weight gain! I will try and relax and see how that goes. Thank you again.


      2. Hi Hanna, thank you for being inspiring! and for all the videos?. I started high carb lifestyle in Feb. when I weighed 183 and today I am 172 after finding you on google. The first month I lost 10. But in March and April I have not lost consistently. (But I stopped focusing on the scale since I feel happy about giving up meat dairy and oil).

        I do need exercise and no more excuses. Raw vegan success stories are saying the cellulite and varicose veins on the legs went away after 14 months. And their skin, face, appears younger. Does cellulite and spider veins fade on vegan low fat? Thank you.

  23. Hi Hannah and Derek ! 1 month ago I ordered a book by FullyRawKristina who I’ve been following for a while. I love her approach but it’s not for me. It was to much food for me to try and eat. I lost 4 pounds in the first 2 weeks of being vegan. However, the third and 4th week I started to see weight gain. I’m a college student and I can’t afford alot of the expensive fruits and seeds. Any suggestions ??????? Derek I’ve recently say your video on eating until whenever with studies from doctors who agree and that’s what I believe . Thank you guys so much if I had not found your channel I would have gave up!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤

  24. Hi Hannah,

    Thanks to you I started my research about starch solution and now I have introduced boiled and mashed potatoes with home made broth into my daily diet. First days were weird, slow, headachy. Now on my 5th day I noticed that my energy is up and improving and I have a sweet nice sweet taste in my mouth. Even my husband noticed it. Has anyone experienced this?

    1. Hey Fatima, the first few weeks can definitely give you some ups and downs, this is quite normal as your body is adjusting to a change in food 🙂

  25. Hi Derek & Hannah,
    I found Hannah, on YouTube a week ago, when looking up P&B shakes and have been catching up on videos with enthusiasm. I hadn’t really thought about becoming vegan before as I enjoy my meat, but am seriously considering a healthier lifestyle choice. Im a mum of 2, ages 3 & 1.5 … And they aren’t big meat eaters, so making the change wont be too disruptive, as they prefer veggies & fruit already … Yay!

    Thankyou for sharing, you are very inspiring to those even who haven’t even thought about becoming vegan, case in point… 🙂

  26. Hello!

    I have just transitioned and I’m wondering about bread and pasta!
    Can i eat these and if so what kind? how much? I havent been able to find many resources on this.

  27. Hey!
    I just received the email with this link but it says, that this video doesn’t exist.
    Help? I really wanna watch it 🙁

  28. Hello 😀 I am planning to go on the potato cleanse later this month after watching Hannah’s inspiring video! A quick question, I’m not much of a potato person but I am in LOVE with sweet potatoes. Particularly the purple ones which are really dense. My question is, will this affect me on the potato cleanse? As you said before that potatoes are low in calories but these okinawan sweet potatoes are higher (approx 116 kcal per 100g). Will I overeat on these?

    Thanks in advance x

  29. Hi Hannah and Derek
    Thanks for being so inspiring.
    Just a small question, when having oats and soaking over night for someone watching weight what amount of oats would you recommend?
    Have two of your books…..and love them.
    Thanks for EVERYTHING 🙂

  30. Hi Hannah and Derek,
    I found the emotional eating video really helpful thank you! I have only become vegan in the last couple of months , although I have been interested in going vegan for the last three years! I originally tried raw till 4, but I found it was quite restrictive and I never felt satisfied ( still felt hungry after a big bowl nice ream and dates and other fruit!). I always felt really bloated and really didn’t have as much energy as I do now trying to eating as much whole foods as possible and just normally!. It has made a huge difference to how I feel and I’m slowly beginning to lose some weight ( after putting on 2kg or so on rt4). I was wondering as well as being an emotional eater, I also feel cold a lot of the time particularly in my hands, feet but also generally my body; when I feel like this I tend to eat because I think I need more energy from food to heat me up, or wrap up in several blankets and jumpers ( I also try doing some excerises walking around the house, going up and down the stairs) but I always feel cold shortly after. I don’t like feeling like this ( feeling very cold) and eating when I feel cold because most of the time I’m not hungry. I have come from a restrictive past, and I remember feeling similarly when I hadn’t eaten, for X amount of time. My family speculate that it’s just that I’m short and have bad circulation but I feel like it could be something else. Do you have any suggestions or ideas in what it is or I food do to stop feeling cold and eating when I feel cold?
    If you do that would be amazing but appreciate you are not doctors so it’s okay if you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about! Thank you, Ali.

    1. Hi Ali, sorry I’m not Hannah or Derek answering you but thought I could perhaps help as I get cold a lot also. It might be different to you but I have raynauds which more women are prone to than men (it’s basically like a more severe poor circulation) anyway, maybe you should check it out & go to a doctors & see if you have it. Best thing for it is to keep extremities warm (good material socks & gloves if necessary) & move as much as you can, doing regular high intensity exercise such as dancing or Hiit can really get the blood moving which usually lasts a while & encourages the blood to flow better. Anyway, that might not be what you have but thought this might help. Good luck xxx

  31. Hey Hannah and Derek,
    I love your videos! I have been trying to find a lifestyle that works for me and I find I’m most satisfied and happy when I am eating a fruit breakfast and a starch lunch and dinner (all high carb). Doesn’t Starch Solution suggests eating oats and rice for breakfast lunch and dinner while raw till 4 is purely fruit until 4pm. I am not satisfied on either of these diets sadly 🙁 My question is, do you think this lifestyle could work as it is high carb low fat vegan or is eating too much of both sugar and carbs likely to lead to weight gain?
    Thank you you guys <3

  32. Hi Hannah and Derek from Australia, I have been vegan for 6 weeks now and feel great. I have been eating whole foods no processed foods. I have eczema (have had it quit severe all my life) and my skin has cleared a fair bit since starting this new lifestyle. I have been told in the past to avoid gluten which I have done. Can you tell me if I can have oats? I love granola too. Love you guys Angie?

  33. Hi Hannah!

    First of all, I think we have a similar body type, just like our names 🙂 which makes me relate to you even more. I remember you talking about your cellulite in your before and after video and I was wondering if you lost your cellulite after making all these changes. I have a similar amount of cellulite like you had before you lost weight, which is why I wanted to know if yours disappeared or at least diminished. You guys are really rad <3 Thanks for inspiring all of us

  34. Hi Hannah and Derek let me tell you little about me i`m at 213 in weight people make fun of me all the time i can`t go out anymore there a chance this program will help me get to my goal weight of 145

  35. Hi there, is it normal to gain little bit of weight in the first few weeks? I have messed up and had things with oil in a few times but not anymore. Gained about 3kgs in 3weeks

  36. Hej There, I wanted to hear, if you have come up with a food plan we can follow to get started? I also would like to know what kind of milk, I can use insted of cow milk and what cheeses?
    And then I would like to say, thank you, I have been looking for a vegan lifestyle form for so long, I have not eat meat for 16 years, but being overweight NONE have been able to guide me.
    Hugs Karin from Denmark

  37. Hannah,
    Just a quick thought about menstral cramps, I read years ago about this simple exercise to do when you have them. It helped me maybe it would you also. You stand up straight and take your arms from your sides and swing them back and over your head and at the same time swing ONE LEG back straight. Then do again with the other leg and do this a few times. (So your arms and one leg are moving back at the same time). Hope it helps!

  38. I used to be 58 kg.. And I’m 5″5 and still didn’t have a flat stomach even though I was at a normal weight and pretty active. (Although I hadn’t discovered this lifestyle and was undereating.. About 12-1500. Is that because my body was malnourished? Just wondering because I now have gained weight and I’m trying to loose it hclf and everything .. Will I get a flat stomach this time or..?
    Thanks a lot!!

  39. Hi Hannah and Derek!

    I wanted to say you guys are awesome, you’ve inspired me huge. I was diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy, I did have surgery to remove it after they were born..so knock on wood it doesn’t come back. Since then I’ve been looking for something that would benefit me the best to help me loose the weight I’ve gained and keep me healthy without busting my butt in the gym because I physically cannot do that with the healing I’m still doing. I’ve bought all three of your books and have and still watch your channel like crazy to try and learn as much as I can to succeed with this diet. Wish me luck but most of all thank you!

  40. Hi Hannah and Derek, my names Shannon and im from Canada. I have been trying my hardest to follow the starch base diet for the past two months now completely 100%. I was following raw till 4 as well before and stopped as soon as i found out i had gained 10lbs extra. I was soo discouraged, i spent all summer keeping active and to find i had really gained weight then lost… So for about 2 months now i’ve been eating cooked food, and the past week i elimanted fruit right now from my diet. I have been eating nothing but potatoes and vegetables all week, 1 sweet potato followed by 2 small yellow potatos, i eat until im satisfied and i wait until im hungry. However i have not seen any improvment to my size or weight yet and its really discouraging for me i can’t take gaining any more excess weight. I want to lose a good 30lbs right now to be healthy and nothing i am doing is working for me. Please is there any advice? is there something wrong with my body? am i bound to be overweight like this for life? :/

  41. I have been following Hanna’s diet for 7month. Now I losse weight almost 28lb.
    I’m so proud of myself except one thing..It’s about cellulite on my thigh..
    As my bunch of fat is getting minimize, also my cellulite is getting reveal..
    even my boyfriend got embarrassed..
    Some people told “grain” makes cellulite worse..so Should I have raw vegan diet for a while?

  42. Hello Hanna,

    I recently saw a video of yours that you posted fries that you cooked in a air fryer. I was wondering what kind of air frier you got and if you do the fries oil free?
    Thanks a lot!

  43. Question: I do understand and know that a plant based diet will provide you with adequate amounts of protein. I, however, want to start weight training (like seriously, I want bulk in that way). What do you recommend for those who want to bulk up muscle wise? Is the amount of protein still adequate or do I need to be mindful of the amount of protein I am consuming?

  44. I’ve been looking for the best lifestyle diet to get me healthier and this make sense to me but why do people on a paleo or GAPS diet suggest that low fat vegan is unhealthy and something about our brain needs fats to thrive on.? And that high saturated fat isn’t what makes you fat

    1. Pseudo-science. period. look at the person who invented the paleo diet out of thin air – his name is Loren Cordain, he looks sick, overweight and unhealthy. all studies and evidence show that a high-fat diet (especially animal and saturated fat) is directly related to heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity, etc.
      Our brains do need fat, they are made up of mostly fat, but our body can manufacture fat as needed from other compounds like glucose, so you don’t need to eat as much fat as the paleo people recommend (and you shouldn’t because it’s unhealthy and most likely it won’t make you feel good). it’s fine to eat avocados and coconut etc. on a whole food plant based diet btw. our bodies THRIVE when you eat 10-20% of your calories from fat. Really the paleo diet is just a fad diet based on pseudo-science, I’ve tried it before I went vegan and it sucks; mostly because of low energy all the time due to lack of carbohydrates + constipation due to lack of fiber.

  45. I’ve been eating a vegan diet since Jan 1st 2017, more specifically the starch solution. I’ve been having the worst gas! I’m constantly farting and it smells so bad..What is going on? Otherwise i feel great, but I’ve got to get rid of this gas. My husband would really appreciate it…Lol. Any solutions?

    1. it’s likely because of all the amount of beans and other high-fibre foods that you’re eating. I know it’s quite embarrassing but it’s actually very healthy. I don’t know much about you but if you came from a standard American diet or any low fiber diet your gut flora (intestinal bacteria) probably aren’t very populous, the fiber you eat feeds them .. over time their numbers should grow so they’ll digest the fiber in foods more easily and you won’t be having much trouble. According to online medical sources, perhaps you should try dialing down your fiber intake a bit and increase it little by little because if you’re not used to eating so much fiber it can be quite a shock to your digestive system!
      Wish you best of luck on your vegan transition and journey!!

  46. I’ve been on and of with the vegan diet for about a year now and I just don’t seem to get satisfied. I officialy commited to the vegan diet last week and I ate strictly hclf with little amounts of healthy fats. I ate huge portions with salads, beans and a good amount of wholesome carbs. But after about an hour I feelt as if I didn’t eat anything at all. I feel that when I ate animal products I always felt satisfied for hours. I’m not overweight ether so it can’t be that. Also my hair has fallen out like crazy this past week so I’m really questioning how good the diet is?
    Would mean ALOT to me if you replied. Really need your help!

    1. Hmm, I’m not Hannah or Derek and not even a nutritionist but maybe you aren’t eating enough fat? try eating more avocado or chia seeds or something and see if it helps? Hannah says this a lot in her videos but maybe if you add a little bit of healthy fat and/or salt to your high carb meals they could be more satisfying… and I mean always listen to your body so when it tells you to eat, eat maybe you actually do need the nutrients. also maybe check with a doctor on any nutrient deficiencies that could possibly be signaling to your body that you need to eat, then take supplements for them?? or eat foods that contain those nutrients?

  47. Hi Hannah, Would you please share how you balance life with all of the exciting projects at your fingertips? I am looking into this online business world and am just wondering….how many hours do you spend responding to social media messages (especially emails), 2-4 hours or more per day? Do you ever get overly anxious with the demands? Please share! This would be of great insight for me and possible for others! Blessings to you and Derek!

  48. Hi Hannah-

    I just watched your video about affirmations/visualizations and loved it! Can you share some tips on how to create effective affirmations? Are there books or tools that you recommend? I like the ones you used for weight loss and would like to also create some for other areas in my life like business, relationships, etc. and learn how to adjust them to my particular needs on my journey.


  49. If not adding salt to cooking and prepared dishes, is it ok to sprinkle a little on right before you eat? And also how much salt is allowed per day?


  50. I discovered you guys about 6 months ago and I started following what you teach/do as far as your diet and recipes. I lost 19 pounds over about 5 months and felt really great, less bloated and healthier, and then all the sudden had a huge craving (bigger than I normally fight off) for that old junk food. I’m struggling with sticking to fresh, healthy foods and enjoying the taste without craving the salty, sweet of junk.
    I thought enough time had passed for the cravings to leave and to really enjoy fresh foods that actually give my body what it needs (I have a husband and 3 children who choose to eat the “old” foods), but I’m still struggling.
    My tastebuds are betraying me-I crave the old tastes but not the old way I felt! Please, do you have any advice?
    Thank you!

  51. Hi, Hannah. I discovered your youtube channel a month ago and i have been following the starch solution and I am incredibly happy with the weight that i have lost so far and i am absolutely in love with your channel and blog! I do have a question about oil though…i have not cooked with oil but i was wondering if you could provide your opinion…could you abosorb the calories from coconut oil (or any other oil) through your skin, causing you to gain weight? I know that is a strange question i was just curious if this would affect my new lifestyle of losing weight on the starch solution. Thanks so much!

  52. Hey Hanna
    Firstly, i’m sorry if this has been asked before, i just want to make sure i’m not messing up somehow. So I have been on a plant based diet for a month and a half, and its going great, maybe a little too great, I’m not sure. I eat normally, my portion sizes haven’t changed but I am loosing around 2 kgs a week (except during my period, I didn’t loose anything), is this too much? i really don’t want to loose too fast and have saggy skin and shit. I am working out 5 days a week for about 30 minutes every morning as well.

  53. Hi Hannah and Derek,

    I absolutely love your social media channels! You have been a real inspiration to me. I have two questions:

    1) Why is this site called “raw till whenever” if you abandoned that lifestyle? I find it quite unfortunate, because it is misleading and people who are biased against raw vegans might not visit the site and miss out on your amazing message!!

    2) Could you share your daily calorie intake with us? Sometimes it’s hard to believe that you are this thin while eating as much as you promote. I don’t mean this in a negative way. I just think it would add more authenticity and really promote a vegan whole food plant-based life-style.

    PS: I prefer those videos where you talk about recipes, healthy eating habits, and being vegan over the ones where you share beauty tips etc. You can obviously track your views on those videos, but my feeling is that people are less interested in that, because there’s other bloggers / youtubers who focus on that very topic. You have to set yourself apart and do what you do best, which is promoting healthy eating habits. You can never run out of delicious recipes and tricks. Thank you for everything, Hannah!

  54. Hannah and Derek! Hi there! I have been vegetarian (mostly crap food though)for 8 months and plant based for nearly 3 months now(totally clean except for 1-2 cheat meals a week). I follow your you tube videos and have learned loads about weight loss, vegan cooking and more, thanks!
    However I have a question…why haven’t I lost more weight? I am down 6 lbs these past 3 months, and I feel that since I went from a junk food vegetarian to a super clean, high carb plant based diet I should have seen more results. I didn’t even loose any weight until after 8 weeks. Lame. No initial water weight loss or anything. Boooo. I really feel like I am getting enough calories, I eat when I’m hungry, usually 3 meals and 1 snack a day.
    Ideas? Suggestions? I am 37, a mother of 2, I’ve gained 25 pounds in 2 years(all over but mostly belly fat), I do have to take female hormones…maybe that doesn’t help? But on the other hand I am a runner, so I get loads of cardio weekly. Hmmm.
    Help! I want to throw out my lame full coverage 1 piece and go back to my 2 piece bikinis!

  55. Hi dear, Thanks a lot for such a useful site for weight loss. I have planned for weight loss from last two months but still couldn’t stick to it. But here i got the useful motivation to stick to my plan. Thanks.

  56. With regards to counting calories and getting fit, a great many people are searching for prompt outcomes while wandering into a losing weight and get-fit program. Following quite a while of devotion to weight reduction and wellness, I know methods for kicking off your digestion so you can get in shape speedier. In any case, it’s not quick and it requires some commitment and diligent work for your benefit.

  57. I would like to know how I can follow your recipe planner and shopping list for foods when I am allergic to wheat, sensitive to gluten, sensitive to eggs, allergic to avocados, have to stay away from oils, vinegars, fermented foods, white potatoes, (I can have sweet potatoes) eggplant, tomatoes and sauce all because of acid reflux/inflammation when eating any of these foods and drinks i.e. wine, miss my wine 🙁

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