Shocking 55lb Weight Loss Before And After

Watch the weight loss before and after video above then read below for all the information on how Hannah has lost 55lbs and how you can do the same.

How It Was Done – Shocking 55lb Weight Loss Before And After

Hannah has been following a plant-based diet for exactly 2 years now. During the first year, her weight ballooned up to 188lbs from 155lbs. Over the past year, she has dropped from 188lbs all the way down to 133lbs. How did this all happen?

1. The First Year

There is a common misconception within the plant-based community which says, “it’s impossible to gain fat on a whole food plant-based diet.” Even some of the featured and popular plant-based doctors say this same thing.

The reason for this is through a process called facultative dietary thermogenesis which basically means that when you are overfed on carbohydrates, past the point of the 2lb glycogen storage in your liver and muscles, the excess amount is burnt off through dietary thermogenesis (body heat). A study points to the fact that humans do not convert excess carbohydrates efficiently in to body fat, a process called de novo lipogenesis.

There is disagreements though amongst the plant-based doctors. For example, Dr. Greger of believes it is entirely possible to gain significant amounts of weight through eating a plant-based diet. He mentions that by consuming too many liquid calories (through fruit smoothies, juices, etc), dried fruits and fibre broken foods (pasta, cereal, crackers, etc) although high carb and low fat, that weight gain is inevitable because if you are consuming more calories then you are burning, you will gain fat.

This is what happened to Hannah during her first year of eating plant-based. She was eating far too many calories for what her body needed. She was consuming lots of dates and blended fruit smoothies which pushed her daily caloric intake past what she needed. Consequently she gained over 30lbs during this time. We talk about the 5 most common mistakes that people make if they aren’t losing weight on a plant-based diet in our weight loss cheat sheet.

What did she do differently to lose weight and have such an amazing weight loss before and after?

Weight Loss Before and After

2. The Second Year

There are two main changes that Hannah made that resulted in her weight loss before and after photos & video.

1. She focused her diet around eating whole food starches (potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, grains, oatmeal, corn, etc) instead of eating a primarily fruit-based diet which included lots of smoothies and dried fruits.

2. She ate ‘intuitively’ which basically means, eating when you’re hungry till you’re full.

That’s it.

These seem like small shifts but they made a world of difference.

Whole Food Starches

Whole plant-based foods (specifically starches) are very filling, calorically dilute and satiating which makes it the perfect food for sustained weight loss. While you fill up on starches, your nutritional requirements are met (with the exception of B12), you feel satiated and you get lots of carb fuel from clean foods.

Starches due to their low caloric density (when compared to meat and other animal products) make it much easier to run a small caloric deficit which you have to do in order to lose weight. There really isn’t another way around this but a whole food plant-based diet makes this much easier than including animal products which are very high in fat and there for a high caloric density.

What’s a healthy amount of weight to lose per week or month? For most people, losing about 1lb per week is a realistic and healthy amount. Hannah lost 55lbs in one year which is essentially just over 1lb per week. Too many people are focused around rapid weight loss and resorting to massive calorie restriction. This is not sustainable over the long term.

This is why we promote a conservative approach to weight loss through eating a starch based diet. You will get the results over time through making healthy whole food plant-based recipes.

Intuitive Eating

This is a new concept in the weight loss world. What intuitive eating means is pretty simple. Eat when you’re hungry till you’re full. That’s it.

During Hannah’s first year eating a plant-based diet, she was eating to hit a minimum number of calories. For some people, striving to eat 2000-3000 calories in a day can be beneficial in order to have the fuel for athletic endeavors but for the people who have busier lives, this isn’t a goal for them. They are usually busy taking care of their family or pursuing other non-athletic activities.

Some people may have difficulty with intuitive eating. They may come from a history of binge eating and their hunger/satiety mechanism is broken sort to speak. They have difficulty eating to the point of being satiated and usually end up stuffing themselves past that point. For this issue, we recommend a practice called ‘hara hachi bu’. It is popular in Japanese culture. It basically means to eat till you’re 80% full and through controlling your portion size, your stomach muscles can contract to a normal size. We talk about ‘hara hachi bu’ more indepth in our free weight loss cheat sheet.

By practicing intuitive eating, this allowed Hannah a tremendous weight loss before and after with essentially no intense exercise at all. Walking her dogs has been her biggest form of exercise.

If you’re new to a plant-based diet or if you’re already eating plant-based and struggling to lose weight, the next section is for you.

3. Next Steps

  1. Grab our free weight loss cheat sheet by following this link which contains the 5 most common reasons you’re not losing weight on a plant-based diet.
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Thank you so much for reading and we hope this information and video inspires you.

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  1. Hi Hannah,
    After much research, my family and I have adopted a vegan lifestyle (minus my creamer for coffee which I am planning to quit soon). I have a one year old and am on a weight loss/healthful journey. I LOVE all of your recipes and they give me great inspiration for my cooking at home. I’ve been vegan for a month now and I feel much lighter and overall I feel healthier and have more energy. However, I weighed myself last night and was met with a huge number. I weighed myself at the start of the month and I haven’t gone down that much in this past month. I’m feeling a bit discouraged, naturally. But when I watch your weight loss video, I feel inspired that maybe I also can lose 50-55 lbs to reach a healthy weight for my body. Any advice/thoughts on why I’m not losing all that fast?Looking forward to hearing from you!

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