Weight Gain On A Plant-Based Diet? Watch this video!

So if you’re having troubles losing weight on a plant-based diet there may be some calibration that is needed to achieve your weight loss results.

Why You’re Gaining Weight On A Plant-Based Diet

The first major issue with some plant-based diets is the caloric recommendations. Some will recommend eating a minimum number of calories everyday with no mention of variation for height, weight or activity level. The problem with this is that the recommendations are incredibly generic. It doesn’t matter what your size or activity level is. Everyone should be eating the same number of calories.

It is becoming well known in the high carb plant-based community that all the doctors & researchers (Dr. McDougall, Dr. Greger, T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Barnard, etc) all promote eating till satiation. It’s quite simple to explain. When you’re hungry you eat. When you’re full you stop. When you are consuming high carb plant-based foods, they are more calorically dilute than animal products so they fill you up physically with less calories. The problem is with a minimum calorie recommendation is that it is teaching you to force feed yourself past the point of satiation which means you are consuming way too many calories than your body needs. The excess calories, despite being plant-based, can still cause you to gain weight.

While it is more difficult to overeat on plant-based foods, it is very much possible for a lot of people and if you watch the video above, there is lots of anecdotal evidence that supports this. Hannah & I receive many comments about weight gain that ranges from 10 to 50lbs on a high calorie plant-based diet.

The second major issue on why people are gaining weight on high calorie plant-based diets is the consumption of processed foods. Breads, pastas, refined sugar and even smoothies is heavily promoted to succeed.

While these foods are fine to eat in small amounts occasionally, they are not whole foods. I explain the smoothie phenomenon in the video above if you want to know why you should be more conscious about your smoothie intake.

All of the plant-based medical doctors promote whole foods. This is so important because when eating whole foods, you are getting all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fibre that comes along with the food. If you are eating a lot of processed foods, you will be eating calories but the food is not as nutrient dense. This causes the phenomenon of being overfed but under nourished. Which basically means people are eating a lot of food but not getting enough of the nutrients that support their health.

What You Should Do Differently To Lose Weight

There is no reason you should be gaining weight on a high carb plant-based diet if you follow the right principles. It really becomes very simple, eat healthy whole food plant-based recipes when you’re hungry, until you are full.

The caloric density of whole plant-based foods are very low so that you feel fuller on less calories. Consuming less calories will help you run a small caloric deficit and you will lose weight effortlessly.

I highly recommend you check out our recipe books. The recipes are delicious, the photos are beautiful and all of the recipes have helped Hannah lose 50lbs. There is also lots of lifestyle tips that will help you on your journey to finding your natural weight and improving your relationship with food.

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About Derek

I have lost over 20 pounds following a whole foods plant based diet over the past 4 years (175-155lbs). I have ridden my bike over 25,000km through 7 countries over the past 4 years and have a passion for living the unconventional life. I have documented my entire journey on my YouTube channel. I love challenging the status quo and inspiring others to think differently.

10 thoughts on “Weight Gain On A Plant-Based Diet? Watch this video!

  1. it’s crazy, I was really brain washed by h&f and I’ve gained 34lbs since April 2014… it’s been so depressing, my thighs rub against each other and it’s been so difficult for me since I’ve had negative comments from others about the weight gain 🙁

    I’m so glad Hannah has been making videos about this and I relaly appreciate this video Dman, I just bought your recipe books and the recipes look so good, I’m so excited and I know this is really going to help me lose weight! 🙂

  2. I think this is really interesting. I have been following a rt4 style diet (not 100% rt4 but mostly) for about four months and i’ve been eating a lot, some days even until I was feeling really sick and couldn’t move. But because I’m skinny and didn’t gain any weight (apart from a bit of muscle weight) I didn’t really question it. In the past two weeks I’ve been eating more starches and the when I ate fruit, I didn’t eat as much and I’ve been feeling a lot better regarding my energy levels throughout the day than before. Now that I’ve seen your video, everything makes so much more sense to me. I mean I’ve always been all about doing my body well and treating it right so why would you eat until you’re sick and not stop when you’re full because your body is obviously sending you a signal. Thank you so much, I am still learning something new about veganism every day and your video has really opened my eyes.

    1. Exactly, we are all learning as we go 🙂 We can only learn from listening to our bodies and taking the things we learn and applying them to our lives as we see fit 🙂

  3. Hi guys.
    I have been vegan for a few months and went straight to the raw till 4 diet. I felt so much better in a lot of aspects (mood, ability to love now?? I found that interesting and skin hair and nails much stronger). But at the same time I gained over 20lbs and feel terrible in myself about that. I also got massive bloating which was uncomfortable and stopped me exercising and made me grumpy again. Because of all this I started eating dairy again. I’m glad I have viewed your videos because I find you informative and RESPECTFUL which is refreshing. I started to dislike the vegan lifestyle because of all the cattiness and hate that goes on and that is not what this should be about. Keep inspiring others and I hope to update you with my progress on a starch based change. Also, do you guys have videos on when you eat things as a guide? I’m still really worried about bloating with fruit and juices and hoping to still eat a fruit based breakfast as that or a juice is better than coffee for this ex addict 🙂

    1. Thank you for the kind words Anna 🙂

      Eat things whenever you want and whatever works for your schedule, you can graze throughout the day or have 2 big meals, it’s all up to you

      eat smaller fruit meals if you are worried about bloating

      yes keep us updated Anna, all the best to you 🙂

  4. So I shouldn’t drink smoothies? What if I don’t put any refined sugar, lots of kale and only 2 bananas? I am full after only 2 bananas, a cup of berries, cup of kale and unsweetened milk. SO should I stop? Also whats your thoughts on homemade grits without salt? I love you guys!!!!

  5. I’ve been vegan for 9 years and am finally going raw til 4. I’m 5″ 2, 135 pounds, and run for 70+ minutes a day. I’m slightly overweight as in I’m not comfortable in my body. 🙁
    How many calories should I be eating?

  6. i just want to say thank you so much for this video. For so long now I have been so confused about the correct type of way to eat. I’ve found freelee’s videos so convincing however when I eat that way I feel tired, like I’ve binged. i really hope that your channel and message becomes the preferred vegan way of eating. Please continue to make videos on this topic. Thanks again.
    Amy x

  7. I love this article! I have recently gone vegan and I’m loving it, but I haven’t bought into the “eat as much as you possibly can pack in and not gain weight” idea. Ths information seems much more balanced and believable to me. I have watched some of Freelee’s videos and I just can’t reconcile the way she chooses to talk to/and about other people with the principles of self love and abundance that the vegan lifestyle is about. So thanks to Hannah and yourself for being positive, balanced and kind in promoting this lifestyle.


  8. I’m happy with this lifestyle ,have been bulimic for the past 2 years and the last 2 months I have become half vegan ,I’m gaining a bit of weight which is expected but I’m not that worried as I feel so much healthier and the weight will eventually fall off.

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