My 55+lb Weight Loss Story

Raw Till Whenever is a lifestyle that isn’t defined by a set of ‘rules’ that someone else just made off the top of their head. It is a lifestyle that promotes eating a whole food plant-based diet in whatever way you want.

Gone are the days of waiting until a certain time to eat cooked foods or obsessively keeping track of your macros. After trying every diet on planet earth. I decided that I didn’t want to live my life within the confines of a program or by a set of “rules” that someone else just made up off the top of their head. I did my own research and found out what would work best for me and my lifestyle. This lead me to eating as many whole foods as I could and learning to cook everything from scratch without the use of oils,refined sugars, flours or any processed ingredients.

I started to just do my own thing.

No longer did I eat at “meal times” or force myself to eat a set amount of calories day in and day out. I actually deleted the food diary app on my phone and put away my scale. And guess what? I started to live my life.

It no longer revolved around what I was going to eat and when I was going to eat it. I started to love myself, for where I was in that moment and became proud of the small strides I made everyday. I now love myself more than anything in this world and because of that I take exceptional care of myself, from what I put into my body all the way down to the thoughts that I think and the way that I treat others around me.

I talk about how to love yourself in the Raw Till Whenever books a lot because it is the number one thing that I can say truly changed my life. It lead me to the life I always wanted, enabled me to lose over 55 pounds, and helped me evolve from a mindset of thinking I “needed” to change myself to actually doing it effortlessly.

Now I listen to my body and eat and move it when I want and how I want to. I only do what feels right and healthy for me. I no longer freak out about the percentage of healthy plant-based fats I have in a day or how much I’m eating or “supposed” to be eating. It is complete freedom.

That is what I want for you. I want you to find your happy place, because I promise you. It is the most magical place to be.

I created Raw Till Whenever with my husband Derek as a way to inspire and educate people just like you about the health benefits of eating plant-based diet. I hope you gain lots of value from this website and our books.

All of my love,