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30 Simple Oil-Free Vegan
Instant Pot Recipes For Lazy [email protected]

Dear future Instant Pot addict,

We received our Instant Pot in November of 2015 and we have been hooked ever since. The Instant Pot is an electric pressure cooker that allows you to cook food under pressure thus reducing the cooking time dramatically. It has been a tool that has completely revolutionized our kitchen. We can buy dry beans and legumes and save money. We can make things from scratch in a fraction of the time (so we know what is actually going in to it). We can cook big batches in advance and always have healthy meals that are easy to prepare.

We really just wanted to create a recipe book that would give people 'everyday' recipes. Recipes that you would actually use, that use everyday ingredients. A book that anyone could pick up, follow along and be confident about cooking food that actually tastes good. This book and the Instant Pot will help you with that even if you're terrified of the kitchen.

We went a step further and included a 7 day Instant Pot challenge and shopping guide so that you can see how versatile this machine is. You can use it for every meal throughout the week. The Instant Pot is a tool that you will actually use and is not a gimmick.

We wish you the best with your plant-based vegan journey.

All our love, Hannah & Derek

What's Included?

  • 30 epic oil-free vegan recipes that are quick, simple and easy to make, these are recipes that you will ACTUALLY make
  • One inspiring photo for each and every recipe, so you can actually see what you're making before you make it
  • Cooking charts for common grains, beans, legumes and vegetables for a quick and easy reference
  • A 7 day Instant Pot challenge with a complete shopping guide so that you can become an Instant Pot pro and use it at every meal if you want to
  • A PDF eBook that can be instantly downloaded to your iPhone, iPad, android or computer after purchasing. Re-usable anytime you need it! (Not available if you buy the paperback version)
  • A printer friendly PDF so that you can print off the PDF at FedEx, Kinkos or Staples so you can have a hardcopy as well (only comes with the PDF version purchased on this website. Excludes iTunes or the paperback version)
  • Disponible en español

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Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have an Instant Pot, where can I get one? +

The easiest & cheapest place to purchase the iPot is from Amazon. Follow this link here.

You can also purchase it directly from the Instant Pot website. Follow this link here.

They are also available in Wal-Mart as well. Check your local one for availability.

Can I use a regular stove top pressure cooker for these recipes? +

You can certainly use a regular pressure cooker for the recipes but the cooking times would need to be reduced by ~7-15%.

What Instant Pot model do you recommend? +

The model that we have is the IP-DUO60. It has the bigger 6qt inner pot so you can easily make more at once.

We really love this one. Follow this link here to learn more.

Do the recipes use weird ingredients? +

We used normal ingredients that you can find in pretty well any grocery store. For more difficult to find ingredients, we have supplied substitutions.

Do I need to use an oven or stovetop with the recipes? +

No, the cooking for all the food is exclusively done in the Instant Pot.

Some recipes use a blender or an immersion blender (which ever one you have) to blend some soups or sauces but that's all you would need.

Will the PDFs work on my iPhone/iPad/iPod? +

Yes they will. PDFs will work on nearly every mobile device.

In the email you receive after your purchase, you will receive a link to a video that will show you how to get your PDF to open in iBooks.

You will not receive a PDF if you purchase the paperback version.

100% Personal Money Back Guarantee

You may have realized by now that perfect health does not come overnight and there is no magic pill. That is why we offer a 30 DAY money back guarantee because we want to give you the time to try out all the recipes and find out for yourself how amazing they are.

We trust that if you order any of our recipe books, then you are ready for this commitment to better health. We also trust that if you have any questions along the way that you will ask us for help.

We're in this together!