5 Vegan Recipes For Under $4

Everyone is always looking for easy simple to make healthy vegan recipes. Going and buying processed vegan treats at the grocery store isn’t always the best option. They are usually highly processed, full of preservatives and high in fat.

In today’s article we are going to give you 5 simple low-fat plant-based vegan recipes that may very well become apart of your daily rotation.

There are 3 conditions each recipe has to meet:

  1. Easy to make
  2. Under $4
  3. Be around 600-1000 calories

#1 Potato Fries w/ Marinara Dipping Sauce

Potatoes are a great staple for simple and inexpensive vegan recipes. This recipe uses potatoes and marinara sauce.

Total Cost – $1.97

Potatoes $0.87 (2.5lbs @ $0.35/lb)
Marinara sauce $1.10 (3/4 cup @ $4 – 650ml)


  • 2.5lbs (1135g) of potato (russet, white, etc)
  • 3/4 cup of tomato basil pasta sauce
  • Sriracha hot sauce (optional)


  1. Rinse and scrub the potatoes to remove any loose dirt.
  2. Chop in half then in to fry shaped wedges.
  3. Place directly on rack in oven and then set the temperature to 425F for 37 minutes (this includes the pre-heat time).
  4. Remove wedges with a set of tongs from oven and serve in a large bowl with the pasta sauce on the side.

For a video showing this cook method, you can see it on our video, “How To Make Perfect Crispy Potato Fries“.

#2 Steamed Rice & Veggies

Rice and veggies is a great staple that is very filling and satiating. We recommend to always use brown rice as it is a whole food and more nutritious then white rice.

Total Cost – $2.18

Brown rice $0.47  (200g @ $1/lb)
Mixed veggies  $1.48 (300g @ $2.47/500g)
Teriyaki sauce $0.23 (1.5oz @ $2.28/15oz)


  • 1 cup (200g) uncooked brown rice
  • 2 cups (300g) frozen mixed vegetables
  • 3 tbsp store bought teriyaki sauce


  1. Steam the brown rice and vegetables as per the package instructions. If you have a rice cooker you can make 2 or 3 meals of this at once plus most rice cookers have a steamer tray for the veggies.
  2. Mix in to a bowl with the teriyaki sauce and any other sauces you enjoy.

#3 Pasta with Veggies and Marinara Sauce

Whole wheat pasta with veggies is an awesome quick and easy meal to make with minimal amount of preparation.

Total Cost – $3.58

Whole wheat pasta $1.00 (7oz at $2/14oz)
Mixed veggies  $1.48 (300g @ $2.47/500g)
Marinara sauce $1.10 (3/4 cup @ $4 – 650ml)


  • 7oz whole wheat pasta
  • 2 cups (300g) frozen mixed vegetables
  • 3/4 cup of tomato basil pasta sauce


  1. Cook the pasta as per the package instructions.
  2. Steam the vegetables.
  3. Mix all together with the tomato basil pasta sauce.
  4. Top with pepper and salt to taste (optional).

#4 Potato Stew

A potato stew is an excellent meal you can make in the crockpot ahead of time and eat it for a few days afterwards.

Total Cost – $2.29

Potatoes $0.35 (1lb @ $0.35/lb)
Red lentils $0.55 (180g @ $2.76/900g)
Canned diced tomatoes $0.99 (14.5oz @ $0.99/can)
Vegetable boullion cube $0.40 (1 cube @ $4/10 cubes)


  • 1lb of potato (russet, white, etc)
  • 1 cup dry red lentils
  • 14.5oz can diced tomatoes
  • 1 vegetable bouillon cube
  • 3 cups of water


  1. Dice the potatoes in to very small chunks and put in to a non-stick pan with the can of diced tomatoes, lentils and 3 cups of water.
  2. Put on high heat until it comes to a boil and turn to low. Add in the vegetable bouillon cube and stir in.
  3. Let simmer for 45-60 minutes until potatoes are soft and serve with black pepper on top.

This can be done in a crockpot as well. Cook on high in the crockpot for 3-4 hours or 6-8 hours on low.

#5 Simple Burrito Bowl

Who doesn’t love a burrito bowl? So delicious and simple to make!

Total Cost – $3.11

Brown rice $0.47  (200g @ $1/lb)
Pinto beans $1.00 (1 @ $1/can)
Garlic $0.05 (1 clove)
Corn $0.60 (6oz @ $1.20/12oz)
Salsa $0.99 (3/4 cup @ $3.67/650mL)


  • 1 cup (200g) uncooked brown rice
  • 18oz (540mL) pinto beans rinsed and drained (makes 2 servings)
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 6oz whole kernel corn
  • 3/4 cup salsa
  • 1/3 cup water


  1. Cook the rice as per instructions on the package.
  2. Blend the pinto beans with the water and garlic clove. You can add in salt and/or chili powder for extra flavor.
  3. Place the cooked rice in a bowl along with the bean mix, corn and salsa.

There you have it! 5 simple vegan recipes that taste delicious and are very simple to make for under $4.

Many people think that vegan food is expensive yet it is one of the most inexpensive ways to eat. Try these recipes out and let us know what you think.

About Derek

I have lost over 20 pounds following a whole foods plant based diet over the past 4 years (175-155lbs). I have ridden my bike over 25,000km through 7 countries over the past 4 years and have a passion for living the unconventional life. I have documented my entire journey on my YouTube channel. I love challenging the status quo and inspiring others to think differently.

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  1. Thank you Derek. Since I’m a newbie to being a vegan, these 5 recipes will really help me stay with the plant based program quickly and deliciously.

  2. I was craving some fat kid food when I found the potatoe fries recipe and was skeptical that they would come out tasting like cardboard, but oh my goodness, they were perfect! And those burritos…I could eat one every day.

  3. I’m lazy af too lol. I’ve noticed that a lot of these recipes I actually already use on a daily bases, but there are somethings I would like to try like the burrito bowl or potato stew! I’m all about quick and simple and found that being vegan is both also inexpensive. I’m sometimes so mind blown when people try to justify eating unhealthy with “it’s an expensive lifestyle” because clearly if you were to look at the prices of potatoes, bananas, oranges, apples, lettuce, pasta, frozen vegetables, it really isn’t all that expensive and you could make so much more for what you buy! It’s all about budgeting and buying the right things. Thanks for this list and for your video (: Will defiantly be trying out somethings here !

  4. I love it. Big fan of your guy’s channels on Youtube as well. If you could put down like 5 more recipes with this level of simplicity, I’d thoroughly enjoy and appreciate it!

  5. Tommorow is the last day of my 3 day detox program and i’m looking for a simple and easy vegan recipe. Thank you for sharing. I will definitely try this recipe.. 🙂

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